Gaming Site



Gaming Site Establishment for Electronic & Bingo Games Application Form

a  1A

Gaming Site Establishment for Poker Games Application Form

a  1A

Payment Processing Request Form

a  2

Request for Renewal of Gaming License Form

a  3

Notification of Target Opening Date

a  5

Temporary Suspension of Operations Form v.2

a  6

Game Offering Request and Approval Form

a  7

Gaming Terminal Expansion-Reduction Notification Form

a  8

New System, Game and-or Machine Request and Approval Form

a  9

Electronic Bingo System-Game-Machine Notification Form

a  10

Shipment Clearance Request and Approval Form

a  11

Transfer of Gaming Equipment Notification Form v.2.1

a  13

Ship-Out Clearance Request and Approval Form

a  15

Destruction of Gaming Equipment - Paraphernalia Notification Form

a  22

Certificate of Gaming Equipment - Paraphernalia Destruction Form

a  23

Change in Gaming Site Operating Hours Notification Form

a  24

Bingo Program-Card-Link Notification Form

a  26

Marketing and-or Promotion Form

a  28

Remittance Payment Processing Request Form

a  29

Voluntary Closure-Non-Renewal of Gaming License Notification Form

a  30

Voluntary Pre-termination of Gaming License Notification Form

a  31

Compliance with the Establishment of Gaming Site Notification Form

a  32

Certificate of Non-filing of Annual ITR

a  33

Photo and Video Coverage Notification Form

a  34

Betting Limits Request and Approval Form

a  36

Inventory List of Gaming Equipment Form

a  37

Request for Amendment to Gaming License Form

a  38A

Request for Amendment to Gaming License Form

a  38B

Monthly Gross Gaming Revenue Report for Electronic Bingo

a  Form

Monthly Sales Report for Traditional Bingo

a  Form

PDS for Directors v.4

a  Form

Performance Score Card

a  Form

Report on Gross Gaming Revenue and PAGCOR Share for Electronic Bingo

a  Form

Report on Gross Sales and PAGCOR Share for Traditional Bingo

a  Form