1. What are the age requirements to take the Certificate Program courses?

    The age requirements to qualify for application are:

    a. At least 21 years old for applicants to the Certificate Program in Casino Dealing (CPCD);
    b. At least 18 years old for applicants to the Slot Machine Technician Course (SMTC).

  2. I don’t have much experience playing casino style card games and knowledge about slot machines. Could I still make a career in casino dealing and slot machine tech?

    Yes. We always start with the assumption that you in fact have little or no knowledge about casino card games and slot machines. Our program, instruction and trainers will train you to become a professional level dealer and SM technician.

  3. Can I take the course if my educational background is limited?

    Yes, if you are at least a high school graduate, ambitious and passionate about getting a career in the casino industry, you will be able to qualify for application. If you have problems during the course, our trainers will always be there and ready to help you.

  4. Tell me about your teaching staff?

    Our teaching staff is composed of professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. Our courses cannot be taught from books alone and must be taught by experienced trainers. They are professional dealers and slot machine experts with years of experience teaching others. They are skilled, competent and friendly.

  5. Do you use real equipment?

    Absolutely! You will not be getting a quality education if you will not be provided with the necessary training equipment.

  6. What course/s do you offer? How long will it take and how much would it cost me?

    An application fee of Php 500.00 (cash basis only) must be paid upon enrollment. Courses offered, the duration and the tuition fees are as follows:

  7. CPCD Modules
    Number of Days
    Tuition Fees
    Blackjack and other variations
    Php 15,000.00
    Baccarat and other variations
    Php 20,000.00
    Roulette or Craps or game similar in complexity
    Php 20,000.00
    Baccarat & Blackjack (or its variations)
    Php 30,000.00
    Blackjack (or its variations) and Roulette/Craps
    Php 33,000.00
    Baccarat (or its variations) and Roulette/Craps
    Php 35,000.00
    Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette (or any of their variations)
    Php 48,000.00

    SMTC Module
    Number of Days
    Tuition Fees
    Php 15,000.00

  8. Will I be able to refund my tuition fee if the program does not interest me anymore within the period of the training?

    Refund of tuition fees may be granted upon submission of a written request for cancellation from the trainee/sponsor to Human Resource and Development Department/Training and Development Unit under the following conditions:

  9. Period/Date when the Written Request is submitted/received Amount of Refund
    At least seven (7) days prior to the start of class 100% of Paid Tuition Fee
    Less than seven (7) days prior to the start of class up to one (1) day before the start of class Paid Tuition Fee less Php 1,000.00
    On the 3rd and 5th training day of SMTC and CPCD, respectively

    For CPCD: 
    Paid Tuition Fee Less
    Php 1,000.00 per attended
    training day
    For SMTC:
    Paid Tuition Fee Less

    PHP 2,500 per attended training day
    After the 3rd and 6th training day of  SMTC and CPCD, respectively No refund

    The reckoning date for the date of cancellation shall be based when the written request was received by HRDD/TDU while start date of the class shall be indicated in the checklist/enrollment form with the enrollee’s conformity.

  10. What are the application requirements?

    Application requirements are as follows:

    A. Qualifications

      1. Age:

           a. at least 21 years old for applicants to the Certificate Program in Casino Dealing
           b. at least 18 years old for applicants to the Slot Machine Technician Course

      2. Educational attainment: At least High School Graduate

    B. Documentary Requirements

      1. Comprehensive resume

      2. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate

      3. Photocopy of High school Diploma or Transcript of Records if with college units/college graduate

      4. 2 pcs. 1x1 colored photo with white background

      5. Notice of Award for Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) endorsed or endorsement letter for Agency/School endorsed applicants

    C. Application fee of Php 500.00 must be paid upon enrollment.

  11. Can I learn more than one game?

    Yes. The more casino games you know, the more opportunities will be available to you.

  12. Are your programs accredited?

    Yes, PAGCOR is the government corporation that regulates the casino gaming industry in the country. It also determines the program offerings specific to Casino Dealing and Slot Machine Technician Course.

  13. After I’m trained, can I come back for refresher courses?

    A. Graduates of the CPCD/SMTC may avail Practice or Refresher sessions under the following conditions:

      1. Practice/Refresher sessions may be availed within one (1) year from date of graduation free of charge.

      2. a. CPCD: Entitlement to a total of eight (8) hours of practice/refresher sessions at four (4) hours per day for two (2) days or two (2) hours per day for four (4) days.
          b. SMTC: Entitlement to a one day of eight (8) hours of practice or refresher sessions.

    B. Practice/refresher sessions after one (1) year or more from date of graduation shall require a payment of Php 500.00 for every 4-hour session for CPCD and Php2,500.00 for one (1) day of SMTC.

    C. The following guidelines and procedures shall apply:

        1. The graduate shall submit a request letter addressed to the Head of TDU to avail of the refresher session at least two (2) weeks prior to the intended date of sessions.

        2. After evaluation of request, the graduate will be notified in writing on approval, available schedule of sessions, or disapproval, as the case may be.

        3. TDU shall request for the issuance of the ID with a validity date from Security Department.

        4. If a payment is required for the refresher session, the graduate shall make the necessary payment to TDU Admin for the issuance of the corresponding official receipt (OR).

        5. Upon presentation of the OR, the graduate shall be issued an approval slip for the refresher session together with the ID.

        6. The approval slip shall be presented to the Gaming/SM Trainer to be allowed entry and participation in the class. The Gaming/SM Trainer shall ensure that the graduate will be allowed entry in the class only on the date/s indicated on the approval slip/ID.

  14. Is there a dress code or uniform required for the trainees?

    All trainees must wear the prescribed training dress code:

         For male trainees:

           a. White long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo (trainees with tattooed arms are required to wear white long-sleeved polos)
           b. Black slacks
           c. Black shoes and black socks
           d. Earrings and piercings (nose, lips, tongue and eyebrow) with accessories are not allowed)

         For female trainees:

           a. White long-sleeved or ¾ -sleeved polo or blouse (trainees with tattooed arms are required to wear white long-sleeved polo/blouse)
           b. Black slacks or black skirt
           c. Black closed shoes
           d. If skirt is worn, with plain black/nude stockings
           e. Piercings (nose, lips, tongue and eyebrow) with accessories are not allowed.

  15. Are all the tools to be used for the Slot Machine Technician Course will be provided by PTC?

    No. The trainees taking SM Technician Course shall be required to bring their own set of tools listed below.

    1 pc.
    LAN Tester (Any Brand)
    1 pc.
    Pliers (Standard Size)
    1 pc.
    12" Adjustable Wrench
    1 pc.
    Long Nose Pliers (Standard Size)
    1 set
    Socket Wrench Screwdriver
    1 pc.
    Cutter Pliers (Standard Size)
    1 pc.
    Crimping Tool with Wire Stripper
    1 pc.
    Bent Long Nose Pliers (Standard Size)
    1 pc.
    Analog Tester (Preferably Sanwa Brand)
    1 pc.
    Rechargeable Flashlight
    1 set
    Precision Tools
    1 pc.
    Soldering Iron with Stand (60 Watts)
    1 pc.
    (+) Philips Screwdriver (0.0 x 3in.)
    1 pc.
    Soldering Led
    1 pc.
    (+) Philips Screwdriver (2.0 x 6in.)
    1 pc.
    Soldering Paste
    1 pc.
    (+) Philips Screwdriver (2.0 x 10in.)
    1 pc.
    Toolbox (Standard Size)
    1 pc.
    (-) Flat Screwdriver (2.0 x 6in)
    1 set
    Lamp Flasher Electronic Kit (or Any Simple Electronic Kit)

  16. Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

    Yes. Trainees who have successfully completed and passed the course shall be issued the Certificates of Competency.

  17. Will PAGCOR Training Center get me a job?

    All successful PTC graduates shall be endorsed to all PAGCOR licensed casinos for their evaluation, screening and possible hiring since the curriculum, methodology and number of training hours adopted by PAGCOR is consistent with the PAGCOR licensed casinos.

  18. Can I stop by and check out your school in person before I enroll?
  19. Yes, please request for an appointment with our Program Manager and see our students and instructors in action. Click here for our address and contact information.