Table of Tuition Fees

CPCD Modules
Number of Days
Tuition Fees
Blackjack and other variations
Php 15,000.00
Baccarat and other variations
Php 20,000.00
Roulette or Craps or game similar in complexity
Php 20,000.00
Baccarat & Blackjack (or its variations)
Php 30,000.00
Blackjack (or its variations) and Roulette/Craps
Php 33,000.00
Baccarat (or its variations) and Roulette/Craps
Php 35,000.00
Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette (or any of their variations)
Php 48,000.00

SMTC Module
Number of Days
Tuition Fees
Php 15,000.00

Payment of Tuition Fees shall be made upon submission of complete requirements and under the following options:

2. Cash/Check Payment

       a. Full payment - 100% upon enrollment
       b. Installment – 50% upon enrollment

             b.1. remaining balance to be paid middle of the training schedule e.g. 8th day for Blackjack, 11th day for Baccarat/Roulette/Craps, 16th day for Baccarat with Blackjack or its variations, 4th day for SMTC, etc.). In case of failure to settle the balance within the prescribed period, the trainee shall be disallowed from attending the succeeding sessions/classes;
             b.2. If settlement of balance is made after the prescribed period, the trainee shall attend the remaining sessions in succeeding batch otherwise, the payment shall be forfeited.

3. PAGCOR Employee Sponsorship – a PAGCOR employee may sponsor (full or partial) an applicant enrollee and payment will be through salary deduction for a maximum period of one year. Clearance from the Accounting Department (Payroll Division) shall be secured to determine if the net pay of the sponsoring employee will be enough to cover the deduction.

4. Agency/Institution Endorsement

      a. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) grants Skill for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP) to its qualified member. OWWA guarantees the tuition fee payment amounting to P14,500.00 through the issuance of a Notice of Award (NOA) to the concerned training institution.

             a.1. The OWWA member enrollee goes through the application process with the Notice of Award from OWWA.
             a.2. The enrollee pays the corresponding admission fee and the amount not guaranteed by OWWA as indicated on its Notice of Award (NOA).
             a.3. The tuition fee covered by NOA is collected from OWWA by submitting the following documents:

                  i. Statement of Account
                  ii. Enrollment Confirmation Slip
                  iii. Original and Certified True Copy of Certificate of Completion
                  iv. Photocopy of NOA

             a.4. TDU Admin issues official receipt upon receipt of check payment and deposit same to PAGCOR OPEX while the Certificate of Tax Withheld BIR Form 2307 is transmitted to Accounting Department.

       b. Schools, Manpower Agencies, etc. may endorse their students or hirees to undergo the CPCD and SMTC through a letter to the AVP-HRDD.

             b.1. Payment terms applicable to individual enrollees shall apply
             b.2. For a minimum of 20 enrollees at a time, a 10% discount on tuition fee may be granted by the OIC-HRDD.

Cancellation and Tuition Fee Refund

A. Admission or enrolment of a trainee may be cancelled and subsequently forfeit payment, under the following cases:

               1. An applicant/trainee provided false and incomplete information and submitted falsified and erroneous documents.

    2. An applicant/trainee whose behavior, conduct and demeanor are detrimental to himself, to others and/or to PAGCOR.

    3. An applicant/trainee engages or participates in unlawful and illegal activities.

B. Refund of tuition fees may be granted upon submission of a written request for cancellation from the trainee/sponsor to HRDD/TDU under the following conditions:

Period/Date when the Written Request is submitted/received Amount of Refund
At least seven (7) days prior to the start of class 100% of Paid Tuition Fee
Less than seven (7) days prior to the start of class up to one (1) day before the start of class Paid Tuition Fee less Php 1,000.00
On the 3rd and 5th training day of SMTC and CPCD, respectively

For CPCD: 
Paid Tuition Fee Less
Php 1,000.00 per attended
training day
Paid Tuition Fee Less

PHP 2,500 per attended training day
After the 3rd and 6th training day of  SMTC and CPCD, respectively No refund

The reckoning date for the date of cancellation shall be based when the written request was received by HRDD/TDU while start date of the class shall be indicated in the checklist/enrollment form with the enrollee’s conformity.