Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

Press Statement:PAGCOR supports government drive against tax-evading POGOs

Tue | 9.17.2019

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) would like to express its full support to the government in cracking the whip on Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) that are delinquent in the payment of taxes.

PAGCOR follows the law and is fully cognizant of the legal authority of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), under the Department of Finance (DOF), to close down tax-evading establishments. It is in fact issuing a letter to all POGOs and service providers to this effect.

Among the measures being implemented by the state-run gaming firm to hold POGO licensees accountable should they renege on their financial obligation are the imposition of interest on outstanding arrears, forfeiture of performance bond, imposition of demerits/administrative sanctions and charging of cash penalty, cancellation of license and endorsement to legal division for proper collection efforts.

And while PAGCOR ensures that the government gets its proper and legal taxes from these POGOs, it would like to reiterate that the moratorium on the issuance of licenses to new POGO applicants that it earlier implemented continues.

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