Inmates and abandoned kids in Tagaytay become 10th Pamaskong Handog beneficiaries of PAGCOR - DAY 10

PAGCOR Pamaskong Handog 2010
The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation's (PAGCOR) "Pamaskong Handog 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas" project became the answered Christmas prayer for the special students and street children of Las Pinas City and Manila when they were chosen as beneficiaries of the special gift-giving project.

Aside from Christmas gift packs given to each beneficiary, PAGCOR fulfilled the wishes of the two centers. Tagaytay City Jail received two water dispensers, four industrial fans and 10 bed mattresses while MTST was given an LCD projector and a karaoke system.

City Jail Warden, Senior Inspector Reyno Damaso thanked the state-gaming firm for sharing its blessings to their wards at the Tagaytay City Jail. "We want to provide humane safekeeping for the inmates. Thank you to PAGCOR for its donations, these will help give them comfort," he said.

Damaso added the Christmas presents they received from PAGCOR will uplift the morale of inmates and make them feel special despite their situation. More than the gifts, it is PAGCOR's visit that made the inmates' Christmas more meaningful. "We want them to know that they still have a place in society. I am very grateful to PAGCOR for visiting them. Malaking bagay na nalaman nila na mayroon pa ding nakakaalala sa kanila," he said.

Jail Officer 1 Maria Theresa Guillergan says many of the prisoners at Tagaytay City Jail have not been visited by their relatives. "Indeed, we are lucky that PAGCOR granted their basic needs, as well as the needs of the institution," she said.

As a way of showing gratitude, the inmates staged a simple presentation for the PAGCOR contingent highlighted by their singing of inspirational songs during the mini-Christmas party. The PAGCOR Voice Symphony also serenaded them with Christmas carols.

PAGCOR Pamaskong Handog 2010
Meanwhile, Sister Yolly Primaleon, Administrator of Mother Teresa Spinelli's Treasure was elated they were chosen by PAGCOR as one of its Pamaskong Handog beneficiaries. "I know there are lots of institutions here in the Philippines that need help. We are very blessed we were selected by PAGCOR," she said.

"Our congregation takes care of the children here. But they have other necessities we cannot provide. We need the support from other people. On behalf of our community, I thank PAGCOR for lending their hands to us. It will greatly help our children here," Sr. Yolly added.

Founded on June 10, 2001, MTST cares for abandoned, neglected, surrendered and foundling babies and children. The Center is being run by the Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary (ASSJM).

Through the initiative of its Casino Filipino branch in Tagaytay, PAGCOR also visited the charges of St. Mary's Formation House where 15 girls aged 13 to 17 years old are currently being cared for. According to General Manager Dario Cordero, the center takes care of molested and abused girls.

"Our Chairman and CEO Cristino Naguiat, Jr. has inspired us to do charity work for our less fortunate brethren here in Tagaytay. This is the true meaning of Christmas, to share our blessings, to bring happiness to the needy especially during this time of the year," said Cordero.

PAGCOR's "Pamaskong Handog 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas" project started on December 9 and will culminate on December 21. A total of 24 charitable institutions in Metro Manila and nearby provinces are the project beneficiaries. Other PAGCOR branches are also doing their own outreach missions in their respective communities. Close to 9,000 beneficiaries are part of PAGCOR's nationwide giftgiving mission.

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