Pamaskong Handog ng PAGCOR 2010 gives special Christmas treat to special children and street kids - DAY 6

PAGCOR Pamaskong Handog 2010
The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) recently conducted its "Pamaskong Handog 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas" event for the special children of the Trichet Learning Center. Among the beneficiaries are (from left to right, with medals) Malou Somerbam, Kathy Demapiles, Mark Pescasiosa, and Eugene Torres who won several gold and silver medals in single, double and team events of Bocce (lawn bowling) in the Special Olympics held in Brunei (2005) and China (2007). Sr. Irene said the team may have to forego participation the 2011 Special Olympics to be held in Greece due to lack of funds but they are still hopeful kindhearted benefactors will support the children.

PAGCOR Pamaskong Handog 2010
Also in photo are Teacher Ethel, (extreme left) Trichet founder, Sister Irene Chateauvert (center) and Teacher Rose (extreme right). Trichet is one of the 24 charitable institutions chosen by PAGCOR to be part of its Pamaskong Handog 2010 gift-giving project. The program touches the lives of close to 9,000 beneficiaries nationwide most of whom are orphans and neglected kids, abandoned elderly, children and adult cancer patients, retired and wounded soldiers, and the handicapped, among others.

Special children of Trichet Learning Center receive Christmas gift packs from PAGCOR's Assistant Manager for Community Relations and Services John Javier during the 6th day of "Pamaskong Handog ng PAGCOR 2010- 12 days of Christmas" project.

PAGCOR Pamaskong Handog 2010
The agency is visiting 24 charitable institutions in Metro Manila and nearby provinces to give individual gifts to thousands of beneficiaries and grant the institution's wish list of needed equipments and commodities for the people under their care.

Looking on is Trichet's founder, Sr. Irene Chateauvert (center) who thanked PAGCOR for the gifts.

Sister Irene Chateauvert (standing, second from right) and the special children of the Trichet Learning Center thanked the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) for choosing their institution as one of the 24 beneficiaries of "Pamaskong Handog ng PAGCOR 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas". The state-gaming firm gave individual gift packs to more than 200 special kids, most of whom have autism, mental retardation and cerebral palsy, and granted the center's wish for school equipments for their students. Also in picture are PAGCOR officers John Javier and Dan Ramos from the Community Relations and Services Department.

More than 200 special children from indigent families and 120 kids living in the streets of Metro Manila received a special Christmas treat through the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation's (PAGCOR) Pamaskong Handog 2010 - 12 Days of Christmas" project.

PAGCOR arranged a Christmas party for the special children of the Trichet Learning Center in West Rembo, Makati City. The beneficiaries were given special gift packs for their basic needs including clothing and toiletries.

The state-gaming firm also granted Trichet's Christmas wish list of one set of computer and printer, an LCD projector, and a standing basketball court. The center's founder, Sr. Irene Chateauvert, expressed joy and gratitude for PAGCOR's generosity, "We thank PAGCOR for this wonderful Christmas surprise for our children. You make us believe in Christmas. Thank you for sharing with us your blessings. May your generosity be returned to you a hundredfold," she enthused.

According to Sr. Irene, Trichet caters to special kids of poor families who cannot afford to provide treatment and education for their children. "Our wards have varying medical conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and mental retardation," she said. The center does not only provide basic education for the children, but therapy treatments and training to hone their special skills as well.

"I am very proud of them, they are all angels and very talented," said Sr. Irene who shared that eight of Trichet's wards made the country proud by winning gold and silver medals in the Bocce (lawn bowling) in a Special Olympics for special children.

"The competition was held in Brunei in 2005 and in China in 2007. Unfortunately, they might not be able to compete next year in Greece for lack of funds," Sr. Irene said. "But we are still keeping our hopes up that we will have generous benefactors to support our kids," she added.

Teacher Ethel Tan, the students' Bocce coach said their students, "are like our children already. I have been with Trichet for 12 years and I still cannot bring myself to leave them despite offers of better opportunities."

She thanked the PAGCOR management and employees for "the attention they gave us and our students. More than the gifts, it is your presence and your kindness that brought them a sense of belongingness and love."

Marilyn Lanoche, mother of student Revelacion Lanoche who has cerebral palsy, is all praises for Trichet. "The center does not only provide education but their programs are a big help for the likes of us who cannot afford professional help for our special kids. We thank PAGCOR for extending its assistance to Trichet," she said.

Revelacion was taken in as a student by Trichet when he was five years old. At 19, he can now walk and do basic things on his own like washing the dishes and taking a bath.

PAGCOR also brought cheers to 120 street children under the guidance of the Tahanan ng mga Abang Anak ni Maria (TAAM Inc.) in Quezon City. The institution, headed by Fr. Roque Bacayo, provides shelter, food and clothing to street children and kids who were victims of abuse or came from broken families.

According to Fr. Bacayo, PAGCOR is among the first corporations to extend assistance to TAAM. "We began in 2009 only. Starting a new foundation is very hard, no matter how noble the goal is, people are still hesitant to reach out. We are very grateful to PAGCOR for taking notice of us. Thank you for granting our Christmas wish," he said.

Apart from the Christmas gift packs that each TAAM beneficiary got, PAGCOR donated to TAAM gas stoves, refrigerator, dining and kitchen utensils like cookware and 150 pieces of spoon and fork.

Apart from the gift-giving, acoustic artist Jimmy Bondoc performed for the TAAM beneficiaries.

PAGCOR's AVP for Corporate Communications Maricar Bautista said the past six days of the state-gaming firm's gift-giving project have been very rewarding. "We are so happy to see that we are able to bring smiles to our Pamaskong Handog beneficiaries," said Bautista. "We have 12 more charitable institutions and over 2,500 beneficiaries to visit in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces in the coming days," she added.

"Tomorrow, we will visit the Philippine School for the Deaf and the Veterans Memorial Medical Center," said Bautista.

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