The Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) is committed to facilitate communication between parties with issues such as, but not limited to, spousal and child support, settlement of just debts and disputes between employees, with the view of helping them reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute that is fair, timely and equitable.

CADR encourages and actively promotes the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as an important means to achieve speedy and impartial justice as an efficient tool for the resolution of cases for mediation.


1. To maintain/ create a healthy and vibrant working environment between and among PAGCOR employees and their families.

2. To amicably settle and resolve a dispute or controversy involving PAGCOR employee/s that are personal in nature and avoid the elevation of such issue before the court.

3. To encourage the opposing parties to explore means to resolve the issues between them through a speedy, efficient and non-adversarial proceeding, free of charge, before the ADR Committee which is composed of members with unquestionable probity and standing

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