PAGCOR's Miss Casino Filipino 2011

 Miss Casino Filipino 2011 finalists from Cebu choose education, environmental conservation as their advocacies

Miss Casino Filipino - Cebu  finalists
(from left) Jomalyn Seldura, Queeny Rose Yao and Maureen Morales show off their winning form after being chosen to represent Casino Filipino Cebu at the Miss Casino Filipino 2011 pageant in Manila.

Twenty-one year old Maureen Morales, a native of Zamboanga del Norte didn’t mind traveling all the way to the Queen City of the South to try her luck at the Miss Casino Filipino 2011 pageant screening in Cebu City on August 3 and 4.


She seemed to be the odd girl out in a pre-pageant event that was teeming with Cebuanas. But Maureen’s efforts did not end in vain when she was picked as one of the three semi-finalists to represent Cebu at the Miss Casino Filipino 2011 pageant night in Paranaque City on September 3.


Maureen, together with 19-year old Customs Administration student Jomalyn Seldura and 18-year old Mass Communications student Queeny Rose Yao, bested 15 other hopefuls from Cebu City and its neighboring towns who tried their best to make it to the pageant’s qualifying round.


“If I’d be given a chance to serve as Miss Casino Filipino 2011, I would like to help empower the youth through education. With the help of PAGCOR, I can help less privileged children in far-flung areas to gain access to basic education,” says Maureen.


A degree holder of Management Accounting from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Maureen shared that the poverty she witnessed in her hometown coupled with poor quality of education for the younger generation motivated her to choose education of marginalized youth as her advocacy. “Education is important. It empowers the younger generation who are the hope of this nation.”


Meanwhile, Jomalyn and Queeny Rose, who are both natives of Cebu City, chose to promote environmental preservation in case they win the Miss Casino Filipino 2011 crown.


“I would like to be instrumental in promoting a healthy and green environment. If we give importance to the environment by taking good care of it, we will all reap the benefits,” said Jomalyn, a third year student at the University of Cebu.


Queeny Rose, also an advocate of environmental preservation, pointed out that in the face of climate change, people should take it upon themselves to nurture the planet. “As masterpieces of God’s creation, it is our divine obligation to take care of Mother Nature. By doing so, we can make the Earth a better place to live in,” she stressed.


Although all of the three semi-finalists from Cebu have previous titles and commitments before they joined the Miss Casino Filipino pre-pageant, they ensured that these will not get in the way of their responsibilities in case they bag the crown.


Maureen is the reigning Ms. Zanorte (a local beauty pageant in Zamboanga del Norte), Queeny is the reigning Ms. Cebu Tropical Beauty, while Jomalyn was Miss Campus Face 2010.


“If I need to make some sacrifices, I will. I believe time management will enable me to do more than just one thing,” said Queeny Rose who is also juggling her studies with her commitments as a beauty titlist in her hometown. “The search for Miss Casino Filipino is a prestigious pageant that I could not afford to let go. It is an opportunity for personal growth, a chance to meet new friends and a stepping stone towards the fulfillment of my bigger dreams in life,” she added.


Meanwhile, Maureen confessed that if she will be asked to relinquish her crown as Ms. Zanorte in lieu of the Miss Casino Filipino title, she will do so. “The Miss Casino Filipino is a national pageant. It will give me an opportunity to explore greater horizons. Its advocacy statement component will also give me a chance to and serve and reach out to other people outside of my hometown,” she shared.


According to General Manager Roque Cervantes of Casino Filipino Cebu who was one of the pre-screening jurors, one of the qualities that they look for in a candidate is her capacity to perform the duties of a Casino Filipino ambassadress.


“While physical beauty is important, the Miss Casino Filipino must also be able to express herself well – not necessarily in English. Some international beauty titlists even get interpreters. But she must be a total package…someone who can represent PAGCOR to the community and to the world well,” he said.






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