Miss Casino Filipino Beauty Pageant 2011

 What is the Miss Casino Filipino Beauty Pageant?


The definition of beauty and the role of women in society have evolved with the turn of the century. In the Philippines, the image of the Filipina also has progressed from the demure Maria Clara to the cosmopolitan, intelligent, and still stunningly beautiful modern Filipina.


PAGCOR’s Miss Casino Filipino 2011 Pageant is a way of paying tribute to the modern Filipina by encouraging and rewarding her talent, communication skills, community involvement, and intelligence. The pageant is also a way of hearkening back to the ancient European custom of choosing symbolic Queens to represent the nation's virtues and ideals during festivities.


To set it apart from other beauty competitions, the Miss Casino Filipino pageant will adopt the Contestant Advocacy Statement in determining its winners. All contestants should submit a cause, which they will support in case they win the Miss Casino Filipino title.


 Pageant objectives


The competition is designed to be one of the country’s leading empowerment programs for young women through the following endeavors:


Provide financial assistance in the form of cash prizes and employment opportunities to young Filipinas;
Honor traditional Filipino traits such as honesty, good character, talent, poise, intellect, leadership and good judgment among young Filipinas;
Enable contestants to serve as role models for other young women with similar goals and characteristics; and
Encourage contestants to value personal achievements, creative accomplishments, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.


 Who is Miss Casino Filipino?


The Miss Casino Filipino will embody the Filipina’s positive traits and virtues. She must possess the talent and the drive to entertain, meet new people, visit new places and learn about new cultures. She must also be able to stand out in any occasion. She is the modern Filipina with a lively spirit and a heart for service.


 How will Miss Casino Filipino be chosen?


The Miss Casino Filipino will be judged according to the following criteria:


Swimsuit (20%) This phase will gauge if the contestant is doing her part to stay physically fit and healthy.
Evening Gown (20%) This will show how candidates carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance.
Talent (15%) Contestants will be given 90 seconds to present their talent.
Beauty and Personality (15%) This phase will determine each contestant’s individuality, personality and character.
Interview (15%) During this phase, the judges will have the chance to assess the contestant’s chosen advocacy, communication skills, beliefs, and other significant qualities that the Miss Casino Filipino should possess.
On-Stage Question (10%) This is designed to assess the contestant's communication skills as well as her ability to handle pressure in front of the crowd.







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