Miss Casino Filipino Beauty Pageant 2011

 Where Will Miss Casino Filipino come from?


The Miss Casino Filipino pageant is open to all Filipinas nationwide.


Qualifying competitions will be held that the Casino Filipino branches in Davao, Cebu, Bacolod, Angeles, Olongapo, Tagaytay, Hyatt, Heritage, Pavilion, and Paranaque. Each branch will select three representatives who will compete during the Grand Finals.


 Miss Casino Filipino Judging System and Wardrobe Selection


Scoring for Miss Casino Filipino will be focused on intelligence, talent, and beauty. There will be no accumulated scoring system until the top five finalists are ranked. Judges will put a strong emphasis on the contestant’s philosophy of self-growth and her potential to compete to the next level.


Swimsuit (20%) The swimsuit competition is designed to see how well the contestant gives premium to physical fitness and good health – some important aspects that will help her meet the public’s expectations of a titleholder.
  Swimsuits to be used in the competition may be either one or two piece. The style should also suit the contestant’s body frame. Meanwhile, skirted suits or those with fringe and wraps are not allowed. A predominantly one-color suit is generally more appealing on-stage than a printed one.
  The use of oil or glitter lotion for swimsuit competition is prohibited but body lotions may be used to enhance skin tone. Shoes must be worn for swimsuit competition. If a contestant chooses to use padding to enhance her appearance, she may do so.
Evening Gown (20%) Candidates will be judged on how they show confidence and glamour with their choice of gown and how the gown accentuates her figure. Judging will not consider the cost and designer label of gown. This will give the candidates a chance to show how well they deserve to be the queen.
Talent (15%) During the talent portion, contestants may wear their choice of costume. Outfits, however, must not distract the presenter’s facial expression, technical skill and overall performance. Judges will put extra emphasis on the entertainment value. Props will not be allowed unless they are functional. However, if props will be used, they must only require minimal set-up time.
  Among other things that are disallowed in the talent portion are mood setters, background enhancers, props that imitate Broadway or screen version of the background music, motion pictures, slides, or projection of any kind.
  All lighting design will be coordinated with the Production Manager and staff.
Beauty and Personality (15%) During this phase, the contestants will be judged according to physical attractiveness, on-stage presence, personality and confidence. Contestants should be able to project their glamour and beauty onstage. Some of the things that will be observed will be the contestant’s wardrobe and overall look.
Interview (15%) The interview consists of a 30-minute up-close encounter with the jurors. This phase is designed to give the judges an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the contestant, evaluate the need and effectiveness of her chosen Advocacy, and assess her communication skills. In short, to see if the contestant possesses the qualities that would help her succeed as Miss Casino Filipino.
On-Stage Question (15%) On-Stage Interview gauges the contestant's public speaking skills and her ability to handle pressure in front of an audience. There will be only one question and it will be prepared randomly by a separate committee.








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