Responsible Gaming

Probity Standards and Measures


Probity is an essential and vital requirement for an efficient and effective system of regulation. Thus, it is necessary to have an appropriate determination of the probity of individuals whether as proprietor licensees or nominees of the Board of Directors of licensees. Honesty and integrity are mandatory qualities of owners of gaming entities. To formalize probity standards, single proprietors, partners or nominees to a corporation’s Board of Directors applying for gaming licenses, must submit Personal Disclosure Statements (PDS) electronically. Pertinent documents such as Income Tax Returns (ITR), Certificates of Non-Filing of ITR and Passports must be kept on file by the Licensees and must be readily available for verification by PAGCOR.

PDS Portal

An online link for the electronic submission of Personal Disclosure Statements (PDS) of the members of the Board of Directors of licensees, partners or sole proprietors of licensed gaming venues.