Corporate Governance Report 2015

The Board of Directors, officers, executives and employees of PAGCOR abide by the principles and best practices of sound Corporate Governance which serve as guide in making decisions, developing strategy, ensuring integrity, transparency, and efficiency in operations, and fulfilling PAGCOR’s role as a reliable partner of the government in nation-building. PAGCOR’s commitment to the highest standards of Corporate Governance is its driving force in continuously improving the quality of everyday operations.

I. Responsibilities of the Board

  • Board Composition
  • PAGCOR is governed, directed, controlled and managed by a five-member Board of Directors with no Ex-Officio members. The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the governance of PAGCOR and for providing policy directions, monitoring and overseeing Management actions, as articulated in its Charter and other relevant legislation, rules and regulations.

    The following members of the Board have been appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines and have the qualifications and none of the disqualifications provided for under the Charter and other relevant laws. No member of the Board of Directors holds more than five (5) positions in PLCs and GOCCs.

    Cristino Naguiat, Jr.
    Chairman and CEO

    Jorge Sarmiento
    President and COO

    Eugene Manalastas

    Jose Tanjuatco

    Enriquito Nuguid

  • Schedule of Board Meetings
  • To properly discharge its responsibilities, the Board is scheduled to meet at least twice every month. For the year 2015, the Board had forty (40)regular meetings as follows:

    January 6, 13 and 27

    July 1, 7, 14 and 21

    February 3, 17 and 24

    August 4, 11 and 18

    March 3, 10, 17 and 24

    September 7, 15 and 21

    April 7, 14, 20 and 28

    October 7, 14, 20 and 29

    May 5, 11, 19 and 25

    November 4 and 25

    June 3, 9, 16 and 25

    December 8 and 15

    The Board met on March 3, 2015 and March 24, 2015 without Chairman and CEO Cristino L. Naguiat, Jr.

    As a matter of policy, the PAGCOR Board must be able to meet the following conditions for good governance:

    1. The Board of Directors shall meet on at least 75% of their scheduled meetings;
    2. Each of the directors must have attended at least 90% of all the Board and Board Committee meetings held during theyear; and
    3. The Corporate Secretary is mandated to comply with the policy that Board papers for Board of Directors meetings are provided to the members of the Board at least three (3) working days in advance of the Board meeting.
      • The Corporate Secretary issues a notice of Board meeting to all concerned at least three (3) days prior to the Board Meeting.
  • Role of the Board on Corporate Strategy
  • Section 4 of the PAGCOR Manual on Corporate Governance (page 5 CG Manual) provides, among others, that the Board shall determine PAGCOR’s purpose and value, as well as adopt strategies and policies, including risk management policies and programs; and shall monitor and evaluate on a regular basis the implementation of corporate strategies and policies, business plans and operating budgets, as well as Management's over-all performance to ensure optimum results.

    In 2013, four members of the Board of Directors, together with key officers, attended a Performance Governance System workshop to draw up PAGCOR's corporate strategies. The output of said workshop was PAGCOR's Strategy Map and Scorecard which was refined and subsequently agreed upon with GCG for approval during the Performance Agreement Negotiation.

    Prior to each Performance Agreement Negotiation (PAN) with GCG strategies and targets covering the succeeding year, the Chairman and CEO and concerned senior management officials review the vision, mission, strategies and specific targets that will be presented for discussion and agreement with GCG. For 2015, said review was done in several management meetings prior to the PAN held on September 15, 2015. Likewise, quarterly performance monitoring reports are submitted to the Chairman and CEO for review and approval prior to submission to GCG.

    In 2015, regular reviews of the achievement of plans, strategies, and operational targets were done by the Board with the heads of casino branches and departments during the Executive Committee meetings held at least twice every month.

  • Code of Conduct
  • PAGCOR is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct in its dealings with employees, customers, communities, suppliers and others. The PAGCOR Code of Conduct has established a business ethics and compliance program to assist company leaders, employees and others in recognizing, understanding and attending to the ethical dimensions of our jobs and tasks, and in appropriately resolving issues affecting such activities.

    The PAGCOR Code of Conduct applies to PAGCOR’s Board of Directors, officers, and employees, whether regular, contractual, casual of probationary, as well as learners, apprentices and trainees in all its corporate offices, casino branches, field offices, arcades and satellites. However, employees of concessionaires, contractors and agencies doing business with the Company are excluded from the coverage of these rules.

    PAGCOR has adopted its Code of Conduct to define the Company’s core values, standards of professional responsibility and expectations for the ethical conduct of its people; promote honesty and fair dealing; promote compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations; encourage prompt reporting of violations of the Code; and deter wrongdoing and create accountability for adherence to the Code.

  • Responsibility for Implementation
  • The following are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Revised Rules in Administrative Cases (RRACs) in organizational units of PAGCOR:

    Branch employees

    • Branch Infraction Committee (BIC)
    • Branch Management Panel (BMP)

    Corporate employees

    • Human Resource and Development Department (HRDD)
    • Corporate Hearing Panel (CHP)

    Cases involving sexual misconduct and harassment are handled by the Committee on Decorum and Ethics (CODE) while cases involving Officers or those referred by the Chairman/President/Department/ BMP/ CHP due to considerations stated in RRACs are investigated by the Corporate Investigation Unit (CIU).

    Resolutions/recommendations of the CHP, CODE, CIU and BMP for cases involving Corporate and branch personnel are elevated to the Adjudication Committee (AC) for review.

  • Board Committees’ Accomplishment Reports
    • Nomination and Remunerations
    • Created on January 16, 2013, the Nomination and Remunerations Committee (NRC) was given the primary functions and responsibilities of installing and maintaining a process to ensure that Officers to be nominated or appointed shall have the qualifications and none of the disqualifications mandated under the law, rules and regulations.

      The NRC held a total of thirteen (13) meetings in 2015 during which meetings a total of 82 recommendations for hiring/promotion/shiftingwere discussed. Out of the 82 recommendations, 75 items were approved; 6 were deferred; and 1 was denied. In 2015, the NRC was composed of the following:

      Chairman: Jorge V. Sarmiento, President & COO
      Members: Eugene DG. Manalastas, Director
        Enriquito M. Nuguid, Director
        Jose S. Tanjuatco, Director
        Heads of the following Departments:
      • Accounting
      • Human Resource & Development
      • Provident Fund Management (now Auxiliary Services)
    • Audit and Risk Management
    • On January 16, 2013, the PAGCOR Board of Directors approved the creation the Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) to perform the following:

      1. Oversight risk management functions, which include processing reports from concerned branches, departments, and Satellite Operations Groups (SOGs) that contain information on risk exposures and risk management activities;
      2. Develop Risk Management Policy of PAGCOR to ensure that risk management process and compliance are embedded and implemented throughout the operations of PAGCOR; and,
      3. Provide quarterly reports and update the Board on key risk management issues.

      For the year 2015, the Committee was composed of the following members:

      Chairman: Director Jose S. Tanjuatco
      Members: President and COO Eugene DG. Manalastas
        Director Enriquito M. Nuguid
        Heads of the following Departments:
      • Accounting
      • Auxiliary Service
      • Corporate Communications
      • Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
      • Corporate and Legal Services
      • Corporate Planning
      • Finance and Treasury
      • Gaming
      • Gaming Licensing and Development
      • General Services and Engineering
      • Internal Audit
      • Marketing
      • Security
      • Slot Machine

      For better appreciation and uniform implementation of the risk management framework developed by the Committee, the PAGCOR Risk Management Policy and Procedures Manual was drafted by the committee and was subsequently approved by the PAGCOR Board on October 2, 2013 (First Edition) and February 3, 2015 (Second Edition). The manual sets out the standards on risk management as prescribed in DBM CL No. 2008-8, to wit: “the Philippine Government mandates the establishment of standards on risk management in public service organizations”. It aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the key points of the risk management and to present a structured approach to assist risk owners in identifying, analyzing, measuring, treating and reporting risks.

      The identification, analysis and treatment of risks are documented in the Risk Registers submitted by the branches, departments and Satellite Operations Group which are periodically submitted to ARMC.

      As stated in the ARMC report published in the 2015 PAGCOR Annual Report, the Committee:

      • Held four (4) meetings on the following dates: March 18, June 9, October 29 and December 8, 2015
      • Discussed and resolved audit findings for the enhancement/improvement of PAGCOR’s processes and control measures.
      • Conducted risk assessment and evaluation of the 2015 Risk Registers on March 16, 2016. The minutes of the meeting containing the evaluation of said Risk Registers were concurred by the Board of Directors.
      • Evaluated the adequacy of the risk management process and effectiveness of control measures periodically or whenever deemed necessary in our effort to continuously improve the risk management framework of PAGCOR.

    • 2015 Annual Report (see page 90 The Audit and Risk Management Report)
    • Executive Committee
    • The Executive Committee is composed of the Board of Directors and the heads of the Corporate departments, casino branches, and Satellite Operations Groups.The EXCOM meets regularly at least twice a month and serves as the venue for the regular reporting and performance reviewsof the branches, SOGs, and satellite casinos. Other matters relevant to the Corporation are likewise taken up and discussed during the meetings as may be directed by the Chairman and CEO. The EXCOM had a total of 40 meetings in 2015.

    • Governance Committee
    • The Governance Committee was likewise created on January 13, 2016 by virtue of an approval by the Board of Directors. It was officially constituted during the Governance Committee meeting held on May 29, 2013.

  • Board Attendance 2015
  • 2015 Director Attendance Form

  • Access to Information (Board materials)
  • The Corporate Secretary is mandated to comply with the policy that Board papers for Board of Directors meetings are provided to the members of the Board at least three (3) working days in advance of the Board meeting.

  • Internal Audit
  • (see page 2 Transparency Seal Sec.V Major Plans and Programs)
  • Risk Management System
  • Board Appraisal System
  • The PAGCOR Board aheres to the criteria, procedure, and requirements of the Performance Evaluation for Directors (PED) of the Governance Commission for GOCCs (CGC). In 2015, PAGCOR submitted the Directors' attendance information and complied with the rest of the evaluation requirements including the completion of the Self and Peer Assessment Forms.

    In a letter dated June 25, 2015, GCG informed the PAGCOR Board of the results of the PED for PAGCOR for 2015.

  • Corporate Secretary
  • The Corporate Secretary serves as an adviser to the Board Members on their responsibilities and obligations; oversees the adequate flow of information to the Board prior to meetings; and ensures fulfilment of disclosure requirements to regulatory bodies. Board members have separate and independent access to the Corporate Secretary.

    In 2015, Atty. Kathleen Delantar performed the functions of the PAGCOR Corporate Secretary and concurrent Compliance Officer.

    Resume of Atty. Kathleen Delantar


Audited Annual Financial Reports

Date Published Year of the Report Date of Receipt From COA
August 22, 2016 2015 Annual Audit Report July 4, 2016
October 19, 2015 2014 Annual Audit Report September 16, 2015
January 14, 2015 2013 Annual Audit Report December 15, 2014

Annual Reports

Year of the Report Date Published in
2015 January 6, 2017
December 16, 2016 (print publication)
2014 December 2, 2015
2013 February 13, 2015
2012 November 28, 2013
2011 July 10, 2013


  1. Customers’ Welfare
  2. Every Director and Officer accepts the position with full awareness that he assumes certain responsibilities not only to PAGCOR, but also with its different constituencies or Stakeholders, who have the right to expect that PAGCOR is being run in a prudent manner and with due regard to the interests of all Stakeholders. Consequently, members of the Board and Officers shall deal fairly with PAGCOR's employees, customers, suppliers and other Stakeholders. No member of the Board or Officer may take unfair advantage of the PAGCOR’s employees, customers, suppliers and other Stakeholders through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential or privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair-dealing practice.

    Integrity and honesty in dealings with customers is necessary for a successful and sustained business relationship. PAGCOR should operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting customer objectives with the aim of providing services which give fair value and consistent quality, reliability and safety in return for the price paid for the same. PAGCOR should implement policies of continuous improvement, of both processes and the skills of the staff in order to ensure that it continues to add value to customers.

  3. Interaction with the Communities
  4. PAGCOR, as an integral part of the National Government, is mandated to be socially responsible, and shall therefore act and operate as a good corporate citizen. The Governing Board shall recognize and perform the obligations PAGCOR has towards the National Government, together with the employees, suppliers, customers and other Stakeholders, and the communities in which it operates.

    PAGCOR’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are primarily anchored on its mission as a partner of the Philippine government in nation-building.

  5. Environmentally-Friendly Value Chain
    • Policies
    • PAGCOR aims to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, outside contractors and visitors, as well as comply with all relevant local legislation or regulations, and best practice guidelines recommended by national and safety authorities.

      PAGCOR’s environmental responsibility starts with the creation of an Environmental Action Plan that adopts policies, standards, compliance with environmental laws, regulations and practices to make all PAGCOR casino Branches, Satellite Operations Groups and Corporate offices fit to be a friendly workplace within a conducive working environment.

      Sustainability focuses on the implementation of the Environmental Action Plan in all PAGCOR sites which aim to reduce carbon footprints through energy conservation, responsible use of water and recycling of materials among others. The Action Plan, therefore addresses PAGCOR operations’ thrusts through environmental impact on climate change, protection of future generations and saving mother earth.

    • Activities
      • Environmental Compliance (see pages 17-27 Transparency Seal Section on Major Programs and Projects)
      • PAGCOR has 15 designated Pollution Control Officers (PCO) assigned in PAGCOR sites. PCOs are responsible for the implementation of the PAGCOR Environmental Action Plan. Aside from their professional qualifications, they were require to complete 40 hours of comprehensive training/seminars on environmental issues conducted by DENR-Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), NCR.

        Out of 15 PCOs, 10 are accredited by DENR-EMB and 5 are undergoing processing of accreditation.

        PAGCOR has designated PCO Managing Heads-in-charge in each PAGCOR site. They were required to complete 8 hours of training conducted by DENR-EMB on environmental laws.

        PAGCOR also complies with the submission of Self-Monitoring Reports to the DENR-EMB.

        All PAGCOR sites are compliant with PD 1586, RA 8749, RA 9276, and RA 6969.

      • 2015 Annual Report (see page 32)
      • Environment Friendly Programs/Compliance with Environmental Action Plan
        1. Citation received from the Department of Energy (DOE) for PAGCOR’s support in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation EE&C) Campaign/Program
        2. Based on PAGCOR wide energy report, there is a reduction of 766,582 kwh of energy for the 1st quarter 2016 compared against the same period last year. As a result, there is also a reduction of PAGCOR carbon dioxide emission of 401 tons.
        3. Implementation of Electro-Mechanical Audit in all PAGCOR sites is being undertaken by the Engineering Unit, not only to evaluate the performance and check the maintenance of equipment, but more importantly to aid the PAGCOR sites in their energy conservation efforts/programs.
        4. Under the standard minimum requirements for the construction/expansion of PAGCOR sites, prescribed lightings are LED type and air-conditioning units are energy efficient.
        5. Regarding the fabrication of trash bins from old slot machines, various communities, groups, non-government organizations (NGOs) and barangays have signified their intent to be provided with PAGCOR trash bins. Quite a number have been fabricated using old/used slot machine units. Release of the items is subject to clearance from government agencies (Department of Finance, Bureau of Customs) in compliance with asset disposal regulations.
  6. Contact details for complaints of other stakeholders
  7. PAGCOR should have clear and strong lines of communication to allow the agency to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements, as well as the public needs, and for customers to receive consistent quality service. Towards this goal, PAGCOR has instituted a Customer Feedback Management System as approved by the Board of Directors on December 15, 2015. While there were existing processes in handling feedback per department or branch, there was a need to document and standardize these systems to ensure continual improvement in meeting requirements of PAGCOR customers. This feedback mechanism covers appropriate documentation of all feedback, whether complaint, suggestion, commendation or request for assistance, to the reporting, monitoring and discharging of necessary actions and resolutions.

  8. Employee Welfare and Development
    • Welfare
      • Policies/Programs
      • Activities

        Branch / Activity
        No. of Participants
        Gym Workout 3309 198 3507
        Aerobics 387 1047 1434
        Zumba 14 41 55
        Women's Month Activities
        3K Amazing Fun... Amazing Run 16 33 49
        Amazing Race 0 30 30
        Ballroom Dancing and X-box Contest 0 11 11
        Beauty, Health, Opportunity and Wealth Seminar 17 21 38
        Bingo Fun Game (Launching Ceremony) 43 183 226
        Blood Letting 27 8 35
        Boxing Clinic 0 16 16
        Common Aches and Pain in the Workplace Lecture (HSD) 16 9 25
        Culmination Day 0 48 48
        Diet and Nutrition Lecture 30 24 54
        Employees' Bazaar 0 8 8
        Facial and Waxing Seminar 4 47 51
        Fitness First Zumba Session (HSD) 0 21 21
        Fun/Parlor Games (Culminating Activity) 0 60 60
        Karaoke Challenge 27 38 65
        Larong Pinoy 0 30 30
        Lezgo Fun Run 0 86 86
        Make-up Demo by Avon Cosmetics 3 25 28
        Pa-Bingo kay Juana sa SOG 1 0 71 71
        PAGCOR Feeding Program 7 51 58
        Personality Development Lecture 0 28 28
        Pilgrimage (Visita Iglesia) 10 52 62
        Search for "Talentadang PAGCORIAN" 45 160 205
        Skin Care and Stress Management Lecture (HSD) 0 24 24
        Volleyball Tournament 2 4 6
        Wellness Screening (FBS and BMI) 365 Plaza Casino 38 11 49
        Wellness Screening (FBS and BMI) Fort Ilocandia 18 9 27
        Women's Month Culmination / Fun Games 10 14 24
        Women's Month Ladies Night 3 77 80
        Women's Month Launching / Volleyball 14 24 38
        Yoga 2 2 4
        Yoga and X-box Contest 1 11 12
        Zumba (Power Combat) Opening of Women's Month 0 38 38
        Zumba and Self Defense (Hand Techniques) 5 16 21
        Zumba Dance 0 25 25
        Zumba Dance Marathon 9 14 23
        20 - Year Loyalty Award Ceremony 177 77 255
        PAGCOR Music Fest 87 81 168
        Corporate Employees Bingo Social 986 548 1534
        Golf Tournament 21 4 25
        Fun Run 73 71 144
        Sports Fest/Mini Olympics 64 28 92
        Shoot Fest 73 18 91
        Basketball Tournament 633 0 633
        Football 38 4 42
        Badminton Tournament 16 8 24
        Chess Tournament 37 0 37
        Tenpin Bowling Tournament 35 22 57
        Wakeboarding 11 5 16
        Sandbox Adventure 7 18 25
        Darts Tournament 68 10 78
        Table Tennis Tournament 7 7 14
        Billiards Tournament 20 0 20
        Fun Bike 28 0 28
        Asian Fusion 14 16 30
        Baics of Massaging 23 23 46
        Cakes and Muffins 12 21 33
        Candle Making 7 14 21
        Candle Making and Flower Arrangement 51 37 88
        Chocolate Molding 15 20 35
        Cullinary Class 2 16 18
        Heat Printing Press/Sublimation Printing 45 32 77
        Meat Processing 23 15 38
        Pasta Festival 21 9 30
        Pinoy Delicasies 39 31 70
        Pulutan Recipes 12 18 30
        Values Enrichment Program 26 23 49
        Advent Recollection 7 15 22
        TOTAL 6736 3806 10542

      • Safety Programs 2014-2015
    • Training and Development
      • Policies/Programs
      • PAGCOR employees are given many opportunities for continuous learning and growth through various in-house and external learning event offerings.In-house trainings are learning events that are conducted internally by the company for the employees. These programs are either initiated by the Human Resource and Development Department (HRDD) for the benefit of every employee, or initiated by departments for the benefit of their own personnel, specific for their respective fields of work. For newly-hired employees, company orientation and basic skills & attitudes programs are conducted by PAGCOR as part of their immersion process.

        PAGCOR is also active in attending public seminars, or what the company describes as “External Learning Events (ELE).” Employees are given opportunities to enhance their workplace competencies with the help of external training providers. Employees are also allowed to attend annual conferences and conventions to constantly receive updates in different industries.

        Most of PAGCOR’s training programs are offered to regular employees across all positions. Over the years, the company has strived to offer ladder-type courses so that their learning path is aligned with their career path. Also, these training programs are offered periodically (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually) and are intentionally aligned with PAGCOR’s strategy map.

        Shown below is a table showing training programs that are regularly conducted by PAGCOR:

        Values Enrichment Program (VEP) All regular and contractual employees Quarterly
        Financial Wellness Program (FWP) All regular and contractual employees Quarterly
        First-Level Leaders’ Training Course (FLLTC) Regular Rank-and-file Supervisory employees Monthly
        Management Development Program (ELE) Regular PAGCOR Officers Annual
        Officers’ Cross-Training Program (OCTP) Regular PAGCOR Officers Annual/Bi-Annual
        Strategic Management and Planning Regular PAGCOR Officers Quarterly

      In a nutshell, PAGCOR engages in relevant training and development programs to enhance employee competency and behavior. While most programs are being conducted in a traditional manner, the company is moving towards blended learning and has already initiated non-traditional learning interventions with the help of available technology so that employees learn on a year-round basis.

      The PAGCOR Training Center is the sole training institution permitted by law to provide gaming and casino-related skills trainings to the public. It intends to serve the manpower needs of the booming gaming industry by providing opportunities to interested individuals to discover a career in the gaming industry.

      • Activities
        Male Female Total
        Basic Skills and Attitudes Dev't. Program for Dealers (GD) 64 23 87
        Basic Skills and Attitudes Development Program for Jr. CCTV Operators (SD) 23 8 31
        Basic Skills & Attitudes Development Program for Internal Security Personnel (SD) 102 34 136
        Basic Photography for Investigators (SD) 20 3 23
        Basic Records and Archives Management and Records Disposition Schedule(CCSU, OCCEO) 43 39 82
        Bomb Threat Awareness and Management Seminar (SD) 423 106 529
        Corporate Orientation for New Service Providers (HRDD) 12 13 25
        Counterfeit Bill Detection Seminar (FTD) 11 6 17
        Customer Relations Management Seminar (HRDD) 81 23 104
        Effective Treasury Operations Seminar (FTD) 25 4 29
        Emergency Earthquake Disaster Seminar (SD) 43 2 45
        First Level Leaders' Training Course (HRDD) 132 39 171
        Gaming Enhancement Seminar for Pit Supervisors (GD) 46 11 57
        First Level Leaders' Training Course (HRDD) 132 39 171
        Gaming Enhancement Seminar for Pit Supervisors (GD) 46 11 57
        Gaming Operations Office Personnel Training Course (GD) 0 0 0
        Quality Management Seminar-Quality Internal Audit (CPD) 29 33 62
        SerbisyongPanalo, Serbisyong Pilipino (SPSP)- Customer Service Training Program (HRDD) 327 179 506
        Six Sigma Yellow Belt Seminar (MD) 10 19 29
        Skills Enhancement Program for Surveillance Personnel (SD) 242 45 287
        Skills Enhancement Training for Tellers (FTD) 30 3 33
        SM Strategic Management Program (SMD) 61 11 72
        SM Technical Skills Upgrading Workshop (SMD) 50 6 56
        Standard Tellering Procedures Seminar (FTD) 19 5 24
        Train The Trainer's Program (HRDD) 26 11 37
        Trainers' Buddy Orientation Program (FTD) 0 0 0
        Training on Quality Management System (CPD) 86 106 192
        Updates/Revisions on the IRR of R.A. #9184 74 74 148
        Values Enrichment Program: Life In Fullnes Experience (HRDD) 68 53 121
        Vault Clerk Orientation (FTD) 0 0 0
        ITD Learning Event 24 28 52
        PAGCOR Training Pool (PTP) Learning Conference 64 40 104
        Seminar for Human Resource Officers 5 17 22
        SUBTOTAL 2350 1004 3354
        Various Programs 200 185 385
        Participation on Official Time 33 26 59
        SUBTOTAL 233 211 444
        GRAND TOTAL 2,583 1,215 3,798

    • Training and development programs for General Services and Engineering personnel
    • Apart from the regular seminars/conferences being attended by the General Services and Engineering Department’s (GSED) professional staff, the department has introduced skills assessment standards and procedures, and various skills enhancement training programs for its technical personnel.

      1. For Maintenance personnel, training modules are categorized according to skills and field/areas of specialization. These are being held at the Don Bosco Technical Institute.
      2. For Fabrication and Repair Works Unit (FRWU) personnel, various programs are lined up for skills upgrading, exposure to industry new practices, and gain added proficiency in refurbishing casino and office furniture/fixtures. They have started with the technology updating workshop “Finishing for Furniture” conducted by the Design Center of the Philippines.
      3. FRWU Assistants have completed the “Basic Occupational Safety and Health Course” for their day-to-day operations. The unit is currently working on competency assessment for TESDA certification for the different trade skills.
      4. Fourteen (14) PAGCOR key officers and PCOs attended the Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change organized by the PMAP HRM Foundation, Inc. on April 12-13, 2016.
  9. Whistle Blowing Policy
  10. Whistle blowing policy and procedures (including protection of reporting employee/s from retaliation)

    • RRACS (see Article 217)
    • A more comprehensive PAGCOR Whistleblowing Policy has been drafted and is currently under review

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